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This convenient and time saving service will give you the reassurance that each vehicle is treated with the upmost care.

The type of vehicle you drive makes an important statement about the type of person you are. A clean, well looked after car, for example, will attract favourable comment and will reflect well on its user. A dirty car will have completely the opposite effect.

CarCarePlus are able deliver a professional Mobile Valeting service across South Devon. When you book a Mobile Valeting Unit to visit you at home or at your workplace, rest assured you will receive a premium service. Each vehicle will receive total care from your AutoGlym certified Valeter.
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Quality AutoGlym Products

The Mobile unit is fitted with its own water supply, has its own generator to supply electricity and carries the full range of AutoGlym bio-degradable chemicals and polishes required to
fulfil all of our available services.

Your car is probably your second biggest purchase after your home and in most cases your pride and joy. Using drive through car washes on a regular basis may cause small scratches (swirl marks). This in time will dull your paint work and lead to possible depreciation of your vehicle when the time comes to sell. Again using garage forecourt self- service brush washes can easily scratch your vehicle at their may be grit within the brush, your
alloy wheels are also a part of the vehicle that gets over looked
as these two methods cannot clear all dirt and brake dust 100%. Using hand washing and the correct methods your vehicle will
be truly clean resulting in a fantastic finish.

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the services we provide.



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